January 17, 2014

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Louis Majesty Tragedy

March 8, 2010

For those visiting for news and details on the Louis Majesty Tragedy, I give you my two reports and analysis of it.

2 Die on Ship in Mediterranean(Link Back Up)

This first link is the initial post when it happened. It contains the track that the ship was on and the moment the wave hit.

Louis Majesty and Rogue Wave Tragedy With Video of the Wave (Link Back Up)

This next post is of actual video and my pictures of the ship from years ago. It shows the location of the lounge and where the wave struck.

CruiseInd is Moving

November 3, 2009

Starting today, I will be moving my site from the .wordpress domain, to my own. Today I am happy to launch

The old page, the one you are viewing now, will stay active and so will the pictures! I’m sure that’s what a lot of you are coming here for.

So thanks for following me and I hope you follow me over to the new site.


UPDATE 12:42 pm: Goodbye Oasis!



UPDATE 12:34 pm: Nighttime! And she’s turning around now!



UPDATE 11:59 am: There is a webcam that has since crashed, as it was linked to from two message boards. Here is a screen cap of what it showed a short while ago.


UPDATE 11:57 am: Oasis is now anchored at roughly the position in the picture below.


Currently, as of this post, she is steaming into Southampton. Her last position was reported at SW of Portsmouth. I’ll update as more info becomes available.


Oasis and the Bridge

November 2, 2009


UPDATE 11:47 am: This is a very good mix of different shot of her sailing before, under, and after the transit. Just look how bright she is!

UPDATE 11:32 am: Here is a unique perspective. Video from crew members on board Oasis as is passes under the bridge:


In order for ships delivered from STX yards to reach the open ocean, they must first pass under the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark.

This allows for a great photo opportunity. Problem is it’s at night. It was the same for Voyager and Freedom of the Seas. Here are a selection of photos and videos of the event:

Video by (Look how fast she is going!)


by oasisandallure


by the AP.

Oasis Handover Signing Pics

October 30, 2009


Here is the actual signing of the documents that transfer $1.4 Billion to STX Yards and a little ship called Oasis of the Seas to RCI. L to R (at table): Martin Landtman, CEO, STX Finland; Richard Fain, chairman and CEO, RCI.; Adam Goldstein, president and CEO, RCCL.
Martin Landtman (left), and Richard Fain (right), shake hands after the successful transfer of Oasis from STX to RCI.
At the After Party. L to R: Adam Goldstein, president and CEO, RCCL; Richard Fain, chairman and CEO, RCI.; Harri Kulovarra, EVP, Maritime (Basically my dream job).

Finland Says Goodbye Oasis

October 30, 2009

After a couple years of seeing the Oasis of the Seas dominate the town’s skyline, the residents of Turku, Finland say goodbye to the worlds largest cruise ship. Leaving this morning on her way to a temporary stop in England, the ship is sailing with a skeleton crew and several hundred workers. After the stop in England, its off to the United States where she will dominate the skyline in Fort Lauderdale for years to come.

See photos of the Oasis leaving Turku:

Oasis of the Seas

Disney Dream Info

October 29, 2009

Lost in all the Oasis media hype was an announcement by the Disney Corp. about the Disney Dream (Not to be confused with the Carnival Dream and the former Norwegian Dream any other ships I’m missing!). Her maiden voyage is slated for January 26, 2011.


  • “AquaDuck” (clever name!) Water Coaster that spans the top decks around the funnels.
    • Basically its a high speed flume-type ride.
    • 765 ft. long; 4 decks high. 13 ft.; over the side of ship at parts
  • A lounge where you can watch sunsets behind different famous cities
  • All inside staterooms feature a virtual porthole w/ real-time view out.
  • “A Magical Oasis for Children” (Oh I see that. They put Oasis in there. Nice one again.)
    • All kids areas will be expanded and have added features.
    • Teen and tween areas.
      • Private decks, pools and sun bathing areas
      • Technology area for making movies and photo postcards
      • Teen areas will be by swipe-card so NO PARENTS!
  •    Rotational Dinning makes a comeback
    • For those unaware, you keep you same dinning mates and serving staff but change venues. (One of my favorite ideas in cruising)
      • Restaurants are:
      • Animators Palate, a Disney classic with changing color walls
      • Royal Palace
      • Enchanted Garden
  • Adults Areas
    • The district (seem like a ripoff of RCI’s Neighborhoods)
      • Nighttime entertainment areas with bars and lounged.
        • 5 Themes
    • Spa and Salon (No innovations there. Has there ever been!)
    • Palo. Another Disney Signature restaurant. Adults only.
  • Itinerary is typical 3&4-Night Bahamas routes.
  • During the summer it will sail 4&5 Night Bahamas. The 5-Nighters will feature two stops at Castaway Cay.
  • See Full Press Release Here (DCL News)

New Rendering of the Ship (High-Res) Atrium Lobby (High-Res)
1_the_disney_dream_82939_orig 2_atrtium_lobby_18832_orig
Andy’s Playroom Cabin
Andy's Playroom Cabin
Palo Champagne Lounge (I would guess in the Districts)
Palo Champagne Lounge

Oasis Latest for 10/29/2009

October 29, 2009

UPDATE 4:56 pm: Oasis will anchor in the Solent, the waterway to Southampton, and will not dock at all in Southampton. What most likely will happen, is a ferry will meet the ship at anchor, embark the 300 crew and depart. The ship will raise anchor and sail off to Florida.


I updated my Oasis schedule which has the amended sailing under the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark–now scheduled for saturday night– oh and there a stop in Southampton England now! You heard right. Here are the latest details,

  • Oasis will sail into Southampton on Monday November 2nd.
  • Only for ‘several’ hours.
  • Labeled a ‘service stop’ by RCI.
  • The purpose is to disembark around 300 workers who are finished and don’t need to be on for the transatlantic crossing.

If I come across anymore details I’ll let everyone know.

Oasis Photos

October 28, 2009

Check out my Oasis Page for the latest photos. These will be updated as I get them. Today it seems that every hour I am finding out more and more about the ship!