Oasis Handover Signing Pics

October 30, 2009


Here is the actual signing of the documents that transfer $1.4 Billion to STX Yards and a little ship called Oasis of the Seas to RCI. L to R (at table): Martin Landtman, CEO, STX Finland; Richard Fain, chairman and CEO, RCI.; Adam Goldstein, president and CEO, RCCL.
Martin Landtman (left), and Richard Fain (right), shake hands after the successful transfer of Oasis from STX to RCI.
At the After Party. L to R: Adam Goldstein, president and CEO, RCCL; Richard Fain, chairman and CEO, RCI.; Harri Kulovarra, EVP, Maritime (Basically my dream job).

3 Responses to “Oasis Handover Signing Pics”

  1. An interesting picture, because as a keen watcher of the TV show ‘Lie To Me’, the body language tells me that a) Richard Fain thinks he’s done a good deal (big smile), and b) Martin Landtman reckons he’s been done (resigned look and drooping shoulders). The very opposite to what you would have expected, since STX must have off-loaded a lot (if not all) of the project’s risk.

    • Cruise Ind said

      Well STX should be happy because they are actually doing business, unlike other yards especially in Asia. He may be seeing this as the end of the line for Oasis and an uncertain future for his yard in Finland. Almost something like “one down, and I hope there is a lot more to go.”

  2. […] at sea and an GUESS store at sea sailed from the cold Finnish city of Turku. Just like her sister Oasis last year, Royal Caribbean execs. were on hand to sign the contracts to take delivery of the ship in exchange […]

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