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Carnival Dream Sailing into Venice this past weekend.




Gift Shop Photo Gallery Atrium
Casino Scarlet Restaurant Scarlet Restaurant
Crimson Restaurant Serenity Deck Carnival Dream
FunHub Mini Golf Course Club O2
Club O2 Club O2 Play Room
Spa Library Burgundy Lounge
Deck View Lido Deck Lido Deck
Lido Deck Aft Pool Gift Shop Waterworks
Waterworks Waterworks Waterworks
Serenity Deck Spa Therapy Pool Serenity Deck
Serenity Deck Serenity Deck Serenity Deck
Serenity Deck Spa

4 Responses to “Carnival Dream”

  1. sjbohanan said

    we r going on the dream on 3rd of December who else is going?

  2. Rick said

    When is Carnival going to come out with something new? All this hype for a ship that looks like an extension of everything they already have.

  3. sue z said

    Sailing on 10-27 Trans Atlantic can’t wait

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