QM2 Update [w/Pics]

July 22, 2009

I found some pics from Cruise Page’s message board, posted by Aad. Have a look.

QM2Damage (1) QM2Damage (2) QM2Damage (3)


Yesterday when the QM2 was calling in Zeebrugge, Belgium, her mooring lines. Reports are that the vessel broke her bow lines from high gusts of wind. The vessel then drifted into the harbor before being helped back with the assistance of local tugs.

Damage is reported, but only as minor, and located in the stern area. Ill update as more becomes available.

UPDATE 2:09pm : de Volkskrant is reporting that the ship was only delayed. This doesnt apprea as bad as the MSCin march. gCaptian has the details on the MSC one here.