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Here are the latest photos. The exterior work should finish up shortly and the interior work and cabins should commence shortly.

19334[1] 19336[1]19335[1]  

 19687[1]  19688[1]    19685[1]     19686[1]

Peter Deilmann Cruises announced that their river operations will terminate. Cruises throughout the summer will still take place though. At the seasons end, the fleet will be sold off, according to Peter Deilmann’s UK managing director. The reason the company gives is the current economic climate is forcing the company to make this decision.

Oasis Dining Info.

June 25, 2009

As stated earlier, yesterday via a chat (kind of weird) RCI announced the dining options for Oasis. Nothing ground breaking really. The biggest news is that you can now make reservations for the alternate venues online prior to your cruise.

See full press release here. (Link in PDF)

Update 9:50 am:

Louis Majesty

June 24, 2009

Today Louis Cruise Line, announced that the Norwegian Majesty will be renamed Louis Majesty when she transfers into the Louis fleet.


The fire crippled two of the ships four main engines. A shipyard in Greece has been chosen for these repairs due to their mechanical nature. The ship will leave for Pireus (Athens), Greece on Wednesday and is scheduled to arrive 3-4 days latter since she will be running on her two remaining engines.

Pictures have surfaces from the first sea trial that maybe show a blue hull. Now there has not been an official word from the yard, RCL, employees, etc.  about this yet and it could be a primer, coating, etc. but these photos are strong proof that a blue hull might be in the works.

Also, there are other explanations of the blue. The pictures do look like the hue and saturation have been tweaked a little, or it could be a reflection.

See for yourself and come up with your own determination.

Ship Photo OASIS OF THE SEAS[1] (2) Ship Photo OASIS OF THE SEAS[1]

(Photos courtesy of Folke Ă–sterman via Shipspotting.com)

Word from the ship is that it was a fuel pump that exploded (I use this term loosely) causing the fire. The damage was more than initially thought, thus requiring a shipyard repair. The yard has not been chosen yet, but there are an assortment of places in the Mediterranean to choose from. They may not have much of a choice though, as one would assume that she may not be able to move under her own power, thus requiring an oceangoing tug.

  Well I’ve been trying to find pictures that show any possible damage. (If anybody has any please let me know) What I have been able to find if photos from onboard. Thanks to a South Carolina Pastor, Greg Surratt who has been updating events. He also posted the pictures below:

Royal Fire (1) Royal Fire (2)
Passengers Sleeping on deck. Notice the lifejackets all around. An Egyptian tug pulling the crippled liner back to Port Said.

Fire on Royal Princess

June 19, 2009

So I go to sleep and it was a slow day in the industry. I wake up to news that a cruise ship off of Egypt suffered a serious fire. Here is what I know so far:

  • Princess Cruises Royal Princess was cruising in the Mediterranean when a large fire broke out in her engine room.
  • It disabled her propulsion.
  • Passengers assembled at their muster stations.
  • NO abandon ship order was given.
  • Fire was successfully put out
  • Ship is anchored off of Port Said, Egypt awaiting permission to enter the port.
  • Damage and future cruises is unknown at this time.

As I hear more I will be sure to post.  Here is a photo of her from 2008300px-Royal_Princess[1]