Oasis Handover Signing Pics

October 30, 2009


Here is the actual signing of the documents that transfer $1.4 Billion to STX Yards and a little ship called Oasis of the Seas to RCI. L to R (at table): Martin Landtman, CEO, STX Finland; Richard Fain, chairman and CEO, RCI.; Adam Goldstein, president and CEO, RCCL.
Martin Landtman (left), and Richard Fain (right), shake hands after the successful transfer of Oasis from STX to RCI.
At the After Party. L to R: Adam Goldstein, president and CEO, RCCL; Richard Fain, chairman and CEO, RCI.; Harri Kulovarra, EVP, Maritime (Basically my dream job).

Oasis Photos

October 28, 2009

Check out my Oasis Page for the latest photos. These will be updated as I get them. Today it seems that every hour I am finding out more and more about the ship!

Oasis Info

October 27, 2009

For those unaware, Royal Caribbean’s Oasis will be officially “handed over” tomorrow.

The Hand Over Ceremony, as its called, is a traditional ceremony where the line takes delivery of the ship from the ship yard. At this point, and while a ship is being built, she is owned by the shipyard. Due to the staggering cost of cruise ships now-a-days, the line may or may not pay small ‘monthly’ fees to help with some payment.

The ceremony is technically STX representatives and RCI executives, along with all their lawyers. They sit at a table and sign the legal documents. RCI get the ship and STX Yards get the $1.4 Billion (USD). There is also a tradition where the STX house flag is lowered and the Royal Caribbean house flag is raised.

Stay tuned tomorrow!