Oasis and the Bridge

November 2, 2009


UPDATE 11:47 am: This is a very good mix of different shot of her sailing before, under, and after the transit. Just look how bright she is!

UPDATE 11:32 am: Here is a unique perspective. Video from crew members on board Oasis as is passes under the bridge:


In order for ships delivered from STX yards to reach the open ocean, they must first pass under the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark.

This allows for a great photo opportunity. Problem is it’s at night. It was the same for Voyager and Freedom of the Seas. Here are a selection of photos and videos of the event:

Video by SN.dk. (Look how fast she is going!)


by oasisandallure


by the AP.


Oasis Handover Signing Pics

October 30, 2009


Here is the actual signing of the documents that transfer $1.4 Billion to STX Yards and a little ship called Oasis of the Seas to RCI. L to R (at table): Martin Landtman, CEO, STX Finland; Richard Fain, chairman and CEO, RCI.; Adam Goldstein, president and CEO, RCCL.
Martin Landtman (left), and Richard Fain (right), shake hands after the successful transfer of Oasis from STX to RCI.
At the After Party. L to R: Adam Goldstein, president and CEO, RCCL; Richard Fain, chairman and CEO, RCI.; Harri Kulovarra, EVP, Maritime (Basically my dream job).

Finland Says Goodbye Oasis

October 30, 2009

After a couple years of seeing the Oasis of the Seas dominate the town’s skyline, the residents of Turku, Finland say goodbye to the worlds largest cruise ship. Leaving this morning on her way to a temporary stop in England, the ship is sailing with a skeleton crew and several hundred workers. After the stop in England, its off to the United States where she will dominate the skyline in Fort Lauderdale for years to come.

See photos of the Oasis leaving Turku:

Oasis of the Seas

Oasis Latest for 10/29/2009

October 29, 2009

UPDATE 4:56 pm: Oasis will anchor in the Solent, the waterway to Southampton, and will not dock at all in Southampton. What most likely will happen, is a ferry will meet the ship at anchor, embark the 300 crew and depart. The ship will raise anchor and sail off to Florida.


I updated my Oasis schedule which has the amended sailing under the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark–now scheduled for saturday night– oh and there a stop in Southampton England now! You heard right. Here are the latest details,

  • Oasis will sail into Southampton on Monday November 2nd.
  • Only for ‘several’ hours.
  • Labeled a ‘service stop’ by RCI.
  • The purpose is to disembark around 300 workers who are finished and don’t need to be on for the transatlantic crossing.

If I come across anymore details I’ll let everyone know.

Oasis Photos

October 28, 2009

Check out my Oasis Page for the latest photos. These will be updated as I get them. Today it seems that every hour I am finding out more and more about the ship!

Oasis Delivered

October 28, 2009

UPDATE 1:25PM: Here is RCI’s press release of the event. Its a PDF that can be found here. I took the liberty of saving the PDF as images so they can be easier to view. See below:

oasis_page_1 oasis_page_2

UPDATE 1:17PM: Some pics from the Handover Ceremony.

UPDATE 1:06PM: BREAKING NEWS: Oasis may infact call in Southampton after all. So far this rumor is unconfirmed but comes from a reliable source. The second I get more info, I’ll post immediately. That is if this rumor is true.


She is now a member of the Royal Caribbean International fleet. I’ll post further readings here as they make their way over from freezing Finland. Richard Fain said on his blog that he could see his breath walking through central park last night!


From AkerBuilder @ cruisepage.com

Oasis Info

October 27, 2009

For those unaware, Royal Caribbean’s Oasis will be officially “handed over” tomorrow.

The Hand Over Ceremony, as its called, is a traditional ceremony where the line takes delivery of the ship from the ship yard. At this point, and while a ship is being built, she is owned by the shipyard. Due to the staggering cost of cruise ships now-a-days, the line may or may not pay small ‘monthly’ fees to help with some payment.

The ceremony is technically STX representatives and RCI executives, along with all their lawyers. They sit at a table and sign the legal documents. RCI get the ship and STX Yards get the $1.4 Billion (USD). There is also a tradition where the STX house flag is lowered and the Royal Caribbean house flag is raised.

Stay tuned tomorrow!

Oasis Inaugural Schedule

October 22, 2009

***Make sure you go over to my new site for the latest updates on the schedule. Cruiseind.com***

***Here is the direct link to the updated schedule Oasis’s new schedule***

So here is what I have. It is still a work in progress as I figure more information out. If anyone can help out, I appreciate it. Changes will be made in bold.

October 28, 2009 Turku, Finland RCI Takes Delivery
October 29, 2009 Turku, Finland Oasis Leaves STX Yards
October 30, 2009 Sea
October 31, 2009 Sea Passes Under Great Belt Bridge in Denmark 9:30
November 1, 2009 Sea
November 2, 2009 Sea Southampton, England
November 3, 2009 Sea
November 4, 2009 Sea
November 5, 2009 Sea
November 6, 2009 Sea
November 7, 2009 Sea
November 8, 2009 Sea
November 9, 2009 Sea
November 10, 2009 Sea
November 11, 2009 Port Everglades,FL Maiden Arrival in US
November 12, 2009 Port Everglades,FL Installation of Central Park
November 13, 2009 Port Everglades,FL Installation of Central Park
November 14, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 15, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 16, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 17, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 18, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 19, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 20, 2009 Port Everglades,FL Good Morning America will Broadcast live from the ship
November 21, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 22, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 23, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 24, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 25, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 26, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 27, 2009 Port Everglades,FL 2-Night Invitation Only cruise
November 28, 2009 Sea
November 29, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 30, 2009 Port Everglades,FL Christening and Charity Cruise
December 1, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
December 2, 2009 Sea
December 3, 2009 Labadee
December 4, 2009 Sea
December 5, 2009 Port Everglades,FL Maiden Voyage
December 6, 2009 Sea
December 7, 2009 Sea
December 8, 2009 St. Thomas
December 9, 2009 St. Maarten
December 10, 2009 Sea
December 11, 2009 Nassau
December 12, 2009 Port Everglades,FL


Well after a lot of feedback on my Carnival will Not go Bigger post, lets have a look at their rivals, Royal Caribbean International.

Interestingly enough Adam Goldstein, Royal Caribbean’s President, posted some details about this exact theme earlier in the week at his blog, Nation of Why Not. Mr. Goldstein breaks the question into several parts:

  1. They do intend of having flexibility
  2. They wish to use more and more larger ships on routes that are new to large vessel deployment. (Think Europe a few years ago.)
  3. Simply enough: People want bigger.
  4. Economies of scale
  5. Why should Royal Caribbean Cruise Line have small ships for “nostalgia” reasons when RCI has Azamara Cruises and Celebrity Xpedition in its family of lines.

He makes some points but here are my responses:

  1. Flexibility. They are sending the vision class and Radiance class to new destinations. New deployments in Panama, Dominican Republic, Asia, and Dubai. So they do have this luxary, BUT, as that tonnage starts to show its age, they may run out of options. They already transferred out the Sovereign of the Seas. Monarch and Majesty are next. Then the vision will do 3&4 night trips and then what. Start sending Voyager to undeveloped markets?
  2. Using larger ships.  Isn’t that the way the industry goes? Alaska in the late 90’s and early 2000’s was the hot spot. New ships sailed there seasonally in inaugural seasons. Now the bog ship ply those waters (Think Saphire and Diamond Princess.). I think it’ll only be a matter of time before Mariner heads up there. Then it moved to European routes recently. New ships sail a European deployment the year they are launched. And if I could predict where the new hot spot was, I wouldn’t be writing this blog. I would be working for one of the lines as a strategist.
  3. People want bigger. That may be true, but as big as Oasis is, it may be too big. Yet this also brings up the question of when is big, too big. I feel that the size wars will max out at a point, where the general cruising public just don’t want to be on the ocean with 5000-6000 other people. There could an absolute economic disaster if RCI goes even bigger and no one wants to go on it due to crowds.
  4. Economies of Scale. Flashbacks of ECON 101 here. Basically the bigger the entity becomes the cheaper it is to do stuff because you are doing alot at the same time and waste is decreased. For more info see wiki about this. Now as things get bigger, there may be unforeseen issues due to operations. Mr. Goldstein uses the example of a captain. Regardless of size, a ship will have one captain. Think about crew in general. The more space there is to control, it may get to a point where you have to hire an proportional amount of crew just to keep up with the ship.
  5. RCI has other lines. Yes RCI has other brands but Celebrity Xpedition is one ship and Azamara is two. That’s not that extensive. Plus there is still a significant difference in terms of size, price, market, between Azamara and the smallest of RCCL’s ships.

Well that’s my take on RCI’s situation. Fell free to express your opinion below.

I wish RCI all the best and hope Oasis is a success. I don’t even want to think otherwise.


Click here to read Adam Gold Stein’s Blog post


October 15, 2009

So it is kind of a slow time in the industry. The Dream is delivered and I am still looking for a good walk through of it.

The Oasis is back and settled in from the Sea trials. In fact all the crew have been assigned and will start arriving soon.

I have absolutely no idea why NCL is so tight lipped about the Epic. As you can tell from my Epic page, there has not been a significant  update in a while.

So please be patient while these things are built.  As always once an update hits of photos leak, they will be here up immediately.