Oasis Delivered

October 28, 2009

UPDATE 1:25PM: Here is RCI’s press release of the event. Its a PDF that can be found here. I took the liberty of saving the PDF as images so they can be easier to view. See below:

oasis_page_1 oasis_page_2

UPDATE 1:17PM: Some pics from the Handover Ceremony.

UPDATE 1:06PM: BREAKING NEWS: Oasis may infact call in Southampton after all. So far this rumor is unconfirmed but comes from a reliable source. The second I get more info, I’ll post immediately. That is if this rumor is true.


She is now a member of the Royal Caribbean International fleet. I’ll post further readings here as they make their way over from freezing Finland. Richard Fain said on his blog that he could see his breath walking through central park last night!


From AkerBuilder @ cruisepage.com


Oasis Info

October 27, 2009

For those unaware, Royal Caribbean’s Oasis will be officially “handed over” tomorrow.

The Hand Over Ceremony, as its called, is a traditional ceremony where the line takes delivery of the ship from the ship yard. At this point, and while a ship is being built, she is owned by the shipyard. Due to the staggering cost of cruise ships now-a-days, the line may or may not pay small ‘monthly’ fees to help with some payment.

The ceremony is technically STX representatives and RCI executives, along with all their lawyers. They sit at a table and sign the legal documents. RCI get the ship and STX Yards get the $1.4 Billion (USD). There is also a tradition where the STX house flag is lowered and the Royal Caribbean house flag is raised.

Stay tuned tomorrow!

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…for the Princess brand. Maritime Industry insider, Lloyd’s List, is quotes as saying

Carnival is in advanced talks with German Meyer Werft for an order of two new cruiseships for its Princess brand, Italian and German shipping sources have said.

The word “advanced” is the key here. The article goes on quoting a Meyer Werft official that didn’t go into specifics, but stated that Meyer Werft ARE in discussions with potential customers. He didn’t go into further detail.

If true I expect these to be slightly larger than the Coral/Island Princess. Meyer Werft are constrained by size due to its location. Based on that fact alone, I don’t see Carnival ordering anymore Grand Class (or whatever you want to call that class) ships. I can see it as pretty much the answer Carnival has for the successful Celebrity Solstice class. Princess designs are a little dated by now and therefore I predict that it will be a slightly trendy ship (think more like Celebrity). That way, those that want a very traditional will have Holland America to go to.

Feel free to express your thoughts or predictions here.

That is One Big Boat

October 22, 2009


Taken Thursday morning from the Crystal Symphony. She is sailing on an 11-night Fall Jubilee voyage from New York to Montreal. Today is the second day of her stay at the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal in Boston. Joining her is Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas, which is towering over everything in the port today. Check her out below from Sea Tow Boston’s controllable Harbor Cam:


Oasis Inaugural Schedule

October 22, 2009

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So here is what I have. It is still a work in progress as I figure more information out. If anyone can help out, I appreciate it. Changes will be made in bold.

October 28, 2009 Turku, Finland RCI Takes Delivery
October 29, 2009 Turku, Finland Oasis Leaves STX Yards
October 30, 2009 Sea
October 31, 2009 Sea Passes Under Great Belt Bridge in Denmark 9:30
November 1, 2009 Sea
November 2, 2009 Sea Southampton, England
November 3, 2009 Sea
November 4, 2009 Sea
November 5, 2009 Sea
November 6, 2009 Sea
November 7, 2009 Sea
November 8, 2009 Sea
November 9, 2009 Sea
November 10, 2009 Sea
November 11, 2009 Port Everglades,FL Maiden Arrival in US
November 12, 2009 Port Everglades,FL Installation of Central Park
November 13, 2009 Port Everglades,FL Installation of Central Park
November 14, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 15, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 16, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 17, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 18, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 19, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 20, 2009 Port Everglades,FL Good Morning America will Broadcast live from the ship
November 21, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 22, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 23, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 24, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 25, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 26, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 27, 2009 Port Everglades,FL 2-Night Invitation Only cruise
November 28, 2009 Sea
November 29, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
November 30, 2009 Port Everglades,FL Christening and Charity Cruise
December 1, 2009 Port Everglades,FL
December 2, 2009 Sea
December 3, 2009 Labadee
December 4, 2009 Sea
December 5, 2009 Port Everglades,FL Maiden Voyage
December 6, 2009 Sea
December 7, 2009 Sea
December 8, 2009 St. Thomas
December 9, 2009 St. Maarten
December 10, 2009 Sea
December 11, 2009 Nassau
December 12, 2009 Port Everglades,FL

UPDATE 10/24: Check out the comments section of the post to see another account. This time from Lisa. Thanks Lisa.

UPDATE 10/21: Another cruiser from that voyage was able to provide us with their take in the incident:

We were with Carlene and yes it was a “Thank you God” moment–He is always there to protect us. The talk on the ship was it list 30 degrees and it seemed like it was for about 45 secs then it started to upright itself. When I heard my room steward say” That scared me” I knew something wasn’t right. I was amazed at how quick everything was returned to normal.

Thank you Carl& Johnny Beth!


As Carlene Kelley commented on my Caribbean Princess Lists on Oct. 17, Carlene Writes:

I was on board! It was scary and a major happening on our trip. The pools on the 16th floor or deck emptied as witnessed by two of our traveling companions. The entire display of framed oil paintings dropped like dominoes. It was amazing how the crew recouped and had dinner for us that night! I was impressed!! To those of us on board, it was rather harrowing even though I know it could have been a lot worse! It was a “Thank You Lord” moment!

A big thanks goes out for providing us with the scary account.

If Carlene is reading, how many degrees do you estimate the list was?

Caribbean Princess Storm

October 18, 2009

Check out the rough weather that the Caribbean Princess is still in.


Make sure to check out the post below.

Caribbean Princess Lists

October 17, 2009

Logo-princesscruises-sm[1]  Yesterday the Caribbean Princess encountered a minor, quick list while cruising Canada & New England. The 113,000 grt ship got caught in rough weather in the Atlantic when she leaned a bit. The extent of the list is unknown. As is duration. But be advised this is not a serious situation. No passengers were hurt, and one crew member had a very minor injury.

From Cruise Critic:

Currently onboard, off the coast of New England. We’re in a storm, with gale-force winds up to 70 knots. We listed a bit this morning … several waiters in the Horizon Court fell, carrying trays of food or other dining supplies. A piano in the Explorer’s Lounge slid off the stage, and was totaled. The galley and backstage tours were cancelled. The captain (Marco Fortezze) has slowed down;

(Via Cruise Critic Member John Lauben)

The Norwegian Epics Inaugural Schedule can be found here. CruiseInd’s Norwegian Epic Page

Nothing too surprising except for the overnight stays. She pretty much goes from one port to another. Some even while cruising. Whereas Freedom stayed in ports for 1-2 nights sometimes.