CruiseInd is Moving

November 3, 2009

Starting today, I will be moving my site from the .wordpress domain, to my own. Today I am happy to launch

The old page, the one you are viewing now, will stay active and so will the pictures! I’m sure that’s what a lot of you are coming here for.

So thanks for following me and I hope you follow me over to the new site.



UPDATE 12:42 pm: Goodbye Oasis!



UPDATE 12:34 pm: Nighttime! And she’s turning around now!



UPDATE 11:59 am: There is a webcam that has since crashed, as it was linked to from two message boards. Here is a screen cap of what it showed a short while ago.


UPDATE 11:57 am: Oasis is now anchored at roughly the position in the picture below.


Currently, as of this post, she is steaming into Southampton. Her last position was reported at SW of Portsmouth. I’ll update as more info becomes available.


Oasis and the Bridge

November 2, 2009


UPDATE 11:47 am: This is a very good mix of different shot of her sailing before, under, and after the transit. Just look how bright she is!

UPDATE 11:32 am: Here is a unique perspective. Video from crew members on board Oasis as is passes under the bridge:


In order for ships delivered from STX yards to reach the open ocean, they must first pass under the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark.

This allows for a great photo opportunity. Problem is it’s at night. It was the same for Voyager and Freedom of the Seas. Here are a selection of photos and videos of the event:

Video by (Look how fast she is going!)


by oasisandallure


by the AP.