QE2 Plans Up In The Air?

August 10, 2009

Fellow cruise blogger John Honeywell reports that South Africa canceled plans to have 2 cruise ships docked in South Africa for the World Cup. A few weeks ago we reported that the Queen Elizabeth 2 was to be repositioned there possible for housing during the event. The QE2 was not part of the two ship deal, but a separate deal. This nix-ing of the original deal put the QE2’s plans in jeopardy. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 in Trondheim, Norway 2008


The Past Week Summed Up

July 20, 2009

Well I’m back and as promised here is everything that happened recently including two big stories out of San Diego and Dubai.

  • A domestic dispute turned deadly as a husband murdered his wife in their cabin. A couple on the last leg of their cruise on the Carnival Elation could be heard fighting. When security showed up, she was dead. The FBI and Coast Guard were notified and the FBI took the husband into custody when the ship arrived in San Diego. More here
  • The rumors earlier in the week regarding the fate of the QE2 are starting to become true. A newspaper in Dubai is reporting that QE2’s owner, Nakheel, part of Dubai World, is contemplating sending the ship to South Africa for use as a floating hotel there instead. Then latter in the week word came out that Nakheel will only temporarily move the vessel there. The reports states the the vessel will leave Dubai, where its currently at, for 18 months. Its main duty there will be a floating hotel for the World Cup that will be played there next summer.
  • Carnival Adds Jobless (just like the automakers have) and Storm protection insurance.
  • CLIA now supports the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act of 2009. More here
  • Maritime Matters is reporting that Spain’s Quail Cruises ship Pacific (former Sea Venture and most famously Princes Cruises “Love Boat” Pacific Princess) has been arrested by the Italian Coast Guard. The Coast Guard ordered the vessel to remain at the dock until the $14 Million lien placed against the ship the a shipyard that just did the renovations on her, is paid.

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