Carnival now getting in on flexible dining.

April 2, 2009

Carnival announced this week that the worlds largest cruise line will now take part in a flexible dining option. From my understanding, you can choose from early seating, late seating, or Your Time Dining. With the latter option guests can now dine when they want and with whom they want. You can even specify a table size. One thing caught me as creative. Under Your Time dining, if your table isn’t ready, you get a pager (Like land based restaurants) and are free to roam the vessel until your called for dinner. Pretty Neat!


2 Responses to “Carnival now getting in on flexible dining.”

  1. As a NCL fan, I’m quick to point out that NCL has had the pager system for the freestyle diningrooms for years. Some people say you really can’t eat “whenever” as claimed by NCL, but the reality is not everyone can “whatever” at the same time… hence the pagers that work all over the vessel.

    • cruiseind said

      Yeah I had been corrected on that. My main point was that it allows for the guests to not have to wait by the entrance and walk around the vessel. And while guests are waiting the most likely place is the bar. More bar sales, more money.

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