I was able to convert the PDF into something more user friendly.
Just simply select the deck from below to view.
NOTE: Clicking on the link brings a smaller version; Clicking on the picture then brings up a large view.

Deck 19

Deck 18

Deck 17

Deck 16

Deck 15

Deck 14

Deck 13

Deck 12

Deck 11

Deck 10

Deck 9

Deck 8

Deck 7

Deck 6

Deck 5


6 Responses to “Norwegian Epic Deck Plans”

  1. Clyde said

    Villa 16029 is not a handicap cabin.

  2. cruiseaddicted said

    Are there any connecting cabins on the lower decks? I can see which cabins are connecting in higher categories but I was told there are connecting cabins lower. But from these drawings I can’t see that there are any.


    • cruiseind said

      Probably not given that NCL would want their customers to pay for higher cat. cabin. That having been said keep two things in mind:
      1. This is an early release of the deckplans so things CAN change.
      2. There is also the possibility that the balconies can have removable partitions, like Carnival and RCI have.

  3. celena said

    Do you have any idea what the inside of the handicapp cabins look like? Like say for instance 8186? I’m booked on that and am curious.

  4. indigo_star said

    villa 16029 is a handicapped stateroom. I have booked it for a Med sailing on 2011.

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