Now that your (John Heald word) the Carnival Dream has set sail on its maiden voyage around the Med., I see it fit to start a new page for interior shots of the new liner. I will still keep this page up so you can view these as well, but the link at the top of the page will take you to the new page.


Here they are. That took way too long!

Carnival Dream Shipyard Report #8

3909968771_39a95d4e55_o[1] 3909968765_219d8d456d_o[1]
3909968759_6601ba3f91_o[1] 3909968757_9c3b7b5cd8_o[1]
3909968743_dc3e097c57_o[1] 3909968735_b0c94a86e5_o[1]


Carnival Dream Shipyard Report #7

Cabins (1) Cabins (3)
Cabins (6) Cabins (4)
Cabins (7) Cabins (5)

Cabins (2)


Carnival Dream Shipyard Report #6

Sushi Bar

Sushi (1) Sushi (2)
Main Lounge
Theater (5) Theater (4)
Theater (3) Theater (1)
Theater (2)
Cove Balcony Cabins
Cove_balcony (3) Cove_balcony (1)
Cove_balcony (6) Cove_balcony (4)
Cove_balcony (2) Cove_balcony (5)
Promenade/Casino, Aft Lounge and Night Club
3885170320_5fee212c3d_o 3885177930_b9d2723324_o
3885170684_bb04db3882_o 3885170688_97c7bd645e_o
3885170700_9877dc458b_o 3885177902_8b06b55d0c_o
3885177906_676148de28_o 3885177916_a58d440eb7_o
3885177918_cabbb7e2a2_o 3885177922_c52b726689_o


Carnival Dream Shipyard Report #5

3833254875_c42288cdbc_o 3833254905_f05dfe0a25_o
3833254917_29f3ec94c3_o 3834030540_3d43fdcbb4_b
3833974532_4b2275089f_o 3833974534_24b5705f40_o
3834044678_3453cbf567_o 3834044702_e1d77cf3db_o
3833291225_80e5e0c72d_o 3833291241_d40e964419_o
3833291259_28e4c5df9a_o 3833303021_0f397dac39_o
Dinning room
3834030552_f6c173257d_o 3834030562_4f55a02a0a_o
Lido Restaurant
3833261799_f935311997_o 3833261805_3e811a0eb5_o
3833261815_146f6886a9_o 3833261821_2608b93b12_o
3833230169_70a62dd6fc_o 3833298883_637fc55d5d_o
Bars & Lounges
3833263791_e47f58fc90_o 3833263803_27eb71c112_o
3833298889_3fb291fa21_o 3833303023_9794e05f32_o
3833303027_1d8ce2ed66_o 3833303035_6ab56519fe_o
3834030522_3729f7c291_o 3834030548_091d04989f_o


Carnival Dream Shipyard Report #4

The other three being the ones below. Carnival released high-res shots from the first sea trial. Have a look. (Click pictures for larger views)

Dream Sea Trials 9 Dream Sea Trials 5Dream Sea Trials 3Dream Sea Trials 8


See my previous reports here:
Carnival Dream Returns from Sea Trials
Carnival Dream Seatrial Video
Carnival Dream Shipyard Photos
I will try and put the old ones here.


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