Yet Another New Cruise Line

August 14, 2009

Gerry Herrod, think Orient Lines, has a new cruise line to be called Voyages to Antiquity. The new line will offer 14-night destination focused voyages.The line is still in its infancy stage as offices in the US and UK have yet to open and press/marketing material has yet to be circulated. What is known is that it will cater to luxury yet casual, travel. Rumors are that shore excursions AND airfare are to be included.

The chosen ship is the Aegean Odessy (EX. Aegean I). She will be completely refurbished with supposed upgrades to all public rooms and an additional restruant. They plan on enlarging some of the cabins and adding 42 balcony cabins, reducing total occupancy from 500 to 382. The atmosphere onboard will be casual yet refined with open seating in the main dining room. Herrod plans on keeping the lounges but the ship will have no casino or disco. Guest lectures will be plentiful onboard.

The first voyage will commence in May 2010 and cruise the Greek Isles. This, and the other voyages, go on sale next month.

For more information on the Aegean I check out a page from her former line Golden Star Cruises.


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