Fire on Royal Princess

June 19, 2009

So I go to sleep and it was a slow day in the industry. I wake up to news that a cruise ship off of Egypt suffered a serious fire. Here is what I know so far:

  • Princess Cruises Royal Princess was cruising in the Mediterranean when a large fire broke out in her engine room.
  • It disabled her propulsion.
  • Passengers assembled at their muster stations.
  • NO abandon ship order was given.
  • Fire was successfully put out
  • Ship is anchored off of Port Said, Egypt awaiting permission to enter the port.
  • Damage and future cruises is unknown at this time.

As I hear more I will be sure to post.  Here is a photo of her from 2008300px-Royal_Princess[1]


3 Responses to “Fire on Royal Princess”

  1. Frances Lewis said

    we just booked this ship going to Tahiti in October 2010. If it was on fire how can they book us on this ship???

    I just came off of the Caribbean Princess that had a large crack from deck 16 to who knows where??

    Is someone telling me not to go on Princess???

  2. Rosalie Fornaro said

    We are booked on this ship for a Tahiti cruise. How can they take my money when there ship was on fire? I cannot believe they did this. Please let me know whatever you hear on this ship. I extremely appreciate it.

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